Things About Strings…Part II

Posted on Nov 30, 2013

Things About Strings…Part II

Broken Guitar Strings


It is a surprise when you are playing or tuning your guitar and a string breaks – it is sudden, final and not always the most convenient timing! Thankfully the price of a single string or a new set is fairly economical and the biggest hurdle is traversing to your local music store to get the replacement(s) you need. A way to avoid this inconvenience is to have a back up set or sets with your guitar at all times. How many back up strings (or sets) to have on hand depends on how often you normally change them. It’s probably a good idea to own strings that you will be able to use within a year’s time.

I try to have one extra set, and single replacements for the little E & B strings. Those are the strings most likely to break from repeated bending and usage. If you have other strings breaking on your guitar this could be an indication that:

  • The strings are old
  • You play hard and attack the string near the bridge
  • A burr or sharp break point on either the bridge saddle or the post of the tuning machine

Take note of where that string is breaking and see your local luthier about properly removing the burr or sharp edge if this is the case.

Happy playing & thank you for supporting your local community music store!

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