A Different Kind of Guitar Lesson

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Looking to improve your guitar skills? I began playing guitar in 1976. Early on in my discovery of music, I realized that I was an “ear” player. Despite many focused attempts to learn to properly read music, I have developed a different way of expressing the music inside of  myself and I demonstrate that through the guitar.

Sure….I absorbed enough theory along the way to understand what a 1/4/5 chord progression is, but only from a standpoint of how it sounds right, not by how it is logically explained through music theory. By learning this on my own, I have developed a unique perspective on the interaction between the music  that is inside me, and how to use the guitar to express it on the outside.

I offer half hour or full hour one-on-one sessions (no group classes). I am not teaching music theory but there will be some references to things that you need to know on a level that will help you communicate when you play with other musicians.

First Things First…

  • Identifying who you currently are and the type player you want to become
  • Developing successful practicing habits
  • Choosing equipment that furthers, not hinders your growth

Moving Along Nicely…

  • Understanding what tone is and where it comes from
  • Learning differences and qualities in finger and pick attack
  • Instilling habits of good posture and hand placement for long term growth
  • Manipulation of amplifier sounds in harmony with the controls of your guitar and your fingers

You are a player.

  • Dissecting the styles you want to emulate
  • Chord voicing
  • Complete amp/guitar tone set-up
  • Lead phrasing

Taking It The Next Level:

  • High volume amplifier manipulation
  • Advice on how to build and maintain a band
  • Instrument choices
  • People choices
  • Equipment grouping and layout
  • Target audiences and marketing

You  need to have reached a level of basic guitar before I can be financially effective for you. This would include the understanding of what basic bar chords are and the ability to play them without too much difficulty.

I interview with each student before we begin working together. We can have an introductory meeting at the store (Gresham Guitar) from Monday-Saturday, 11 to 7.  I want to make sure we are compatible and would mutually enjoy working together.

As the painter puts color onto a blank canvas, music is painted on the silence. I wish each and every one of you success in your future musical adventures.